Monday, October 15, 2012

Old House New Home

i know i know its been way too long since my last post. That's probably because FB is just a whole lot better for 'talking' to my customers and from now on , this blog will be about family stuff , coffee stuff , travel stuff ( u get it )

and as storage for photos i dont want to print but dont want to delete.

and for pretty much everything else.

Que and I bought a house last year but we're not exactly rushing to move in . So we took our time to DIY most of the house. When we took a look at the house the very first time , what struck us was how charming and cozy the house look. Of course the owner did everything in the 'How to Set Up Your Home For Sale' book , he had the music on , the lights dimmed , cinnamon sticks in bowl and even flowers in the toilet . In the toilet.

but it must've worked because we put down a deposit 24 hours later.

we're such suckers.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 Hari Raya Bazaar

Our annual Aidilfitri bazaar is now open for business !

Come check out the hundreds of kids baju kurung we have in stock this year. As always our sizes are from 0 to 12 years. BUT we have a special additional service this year . If you wish to bring your own fabric and have us custom make the baju kurung you may do so by bringing your fabric to any of our outlets.

Our Hari Raya Bazaar is located at Ground Floor The Curve ( opposit British India )
From 20 July to 26 August 2012.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beach wedding

Every now and then i get a request to make flower girl dresses for destination weddings. This customer brought to our sewing studio luxurious Thai Shantung silk to  into a flower girl dress. But after discussing the design, she decided to use our luxurious Duchess Satin instead and have us turn the fabric she brought into a traditional baju Melayu for her son.

Having cut the fabric , i realized that there was enough remnant to make  a simple tunic for her daughter ( which i think , paired with capris will look fab at the beach ). She requested that we turn it into a ruffle blouse. After carefully measuring and cutting the fabric ( to make sure there's enough remnant to use ) , here's the completed outfit - a flower girl dress for the beach wedding , a baju Melayu and a three tier ruffle top .

if you wish to custom order flower girl dresses , please email us at or text us at 0122895141.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I am a huge huge fan of Robert Kaufman . So its no surprise that we stock so many of his fabrics . My personal favourite is this Vroom collection by Leslie Grainger for Robert Kaufman. RM45/m ( Umar's toy not included )

You can have us turn these fabrics into adorable baby sets or pretty much anything that can be sewn. We also sell them by the metres ( subject to availability ) . These are really the highest quality cotton out there in the most intense colors . The material softens with age and last a very long time. You can order quilts , blankets , pillows , bolsters , toy bags etc from us using a combination of fabrics . It'll be fab, i promise :)

CARS City Centre by Marie Perkins for Robert Kaufman

Launch by Leslie Grainger for Robert Kaufman

Red Ladybirds by Robert Kaufman

Horses ( on cream background ) by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman

Horses ( on white ) by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman

Snail Trail Panel by Studio E Fabrics
RM 28 / panel

Snail Trail in Teal by Studio E Fabrics

Sprout and Spell ABC Block Panel by Robert Kaufman


New fabrics in stock . ( yup , with a new baby , i'm reduced to drop only one liners )

A trip to my supplier's shop is like a breath of fresh air . It breathes new life to our already extensive selection of kids fabrics ( some i'm willing to part with , some i'm not ) . This time around i promise we didnt just get pinks and pinks .

oh the wonderful feel of designer cotton . Nothing like it .

Elephant Parade Panel by Studio E Fabrics . RM45/panel

and here's the coordinating fabric. Also RM45/m

I also picked some of our popular images like bears and cradles and layettes in soft pastels.

Sleepy Time Panel by Fabri Quilt Inc. This material is flannel, not woven cotton . RM 45/m. Which would go perfectly with the coordinating cotton fabric below ( RM45/m )

And because we love both baby boys and girls alike , again Sleepy Time by Fabri Quilt Inc in pink. Both as flannel panel and coordinates. RM 45/m.

Did I stop at these ? noooo . *to be continued*

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kids Fabrics for Sale

Hello crafty moms out there ! A little bird told me that some of you want to handcraft that special piece of baby beddings yourself. So we decided to offer our resources to make it possible for you . Starting December 2011 , we are selling selected fabrics and fibres to help you get the materials you need. Just view the Little Haven Boutique Facebook ( Kids Fabrics Album ) to view selection. Will definitely try to post more pictures of fabrics there.

Do share this news with your crafty friends ya :)


Friday, December 9, 2011



Yup its that time of year again when we markdown our fabrics to make way for new designs next year .

First to grace our great wall of markdowns : MINKY FABRICS!
I know i just got them in but they're so versatile and there's so much you can do with just one yard given that they are of 58/60 inch width fabrics. And they are high grade luxurious minky fabrics , unlike some of the harder cuddles you see in quilt shops.

What can you make with them ? Plenty !
Swaddle blankets ( 30" x 30" ) , Toddler blankets , large luxurious ruffle blankets , adult throw ( 50" x 60" ) , pillow cases , soft toys , bibs , burp cloth , nursing pillow covers , baby clothes

the possibilities are endless with this soft , gorgeous fabrics.

10% off Regular Price PLUS Free Shipping!
(min 1 yard)
*wholesale pricing available for 3 yards above*

to order , please sms me at 0122895141. Thank you :)

Corduroy White Minky
Regular RM89 per yard

Aqua / Brown Damask Minky
RM99 / yard
SALE RM89 / yard

Aqua / Brown Damask Minky
RM99 / yard
SALE RM89 / yard

White polkadot on baby pink minky
RM95/ yard
SALE RM85.50

Blue and White Stripe Minky
RM95 / yard
SALE RM 85.50

Lime and White Stripes Minky
RM95 / yard
SALE RM85.50 / yard

Monday, December 5, 2011


Gardening nurtures patience , and patience is a virtue.

Got me this sunflower plant at the recent Selangor Agrofest for RM20 . The lady seller assured me that this is not a difficult one to grow if i do exactly as she says - keep it facing morning sun whenever possible or at least give it 4 hours of sunshine daily , water it once a day , trim the flowers once it dries up , and chop off the main stem once all the leaves wilt and drop dead to make way for new branches and blooms.

She must've met my other flowering plants because she insisted that i write her instructions down so i dont forget LOL.

Anyhow , here's a chronicle of how the flower looks from day 1 to day 7 at our garden.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspired by Nature

I'm swamped with work .

The baby's almost due and the harder I work , more work seem to land on my lap . Coupled with lack of mobility thanks to this big belly , its harder for me to get anywhere now unless hubby sends me. Since doc said that baby looks like she's popping out early , I need to get all custom dresses orders out before I go on maternity leave.Which means i'm pretty much hybernating at my sewing studio or at home .

Dont know how other people do it , but for me , I need to get seriously inspired before I can design . That's just how I roll. Lately i've taken in a lot of inspiration from my newly acquired gardening hobby. In the past i'd open magazines for design inspirations, but lately i find that my modest garden does just the same .

This is my daughter Aisyah's Begonia plant. I love the rounded , papery , bright colored flowers and the big leaves. Its got somewhat of a soft stem and thus far looks like its doing ok in the shaded area of the porch. It reminds me of a fabric I brought back from overseas some time back with a rustic English roses prints all over , which I havent made into anything because tak ada idea nak buat apa , until now.

So this is the final result after adding a green sash and ribbon roses to the bow . Dont mind the watery patch in teh background , i'm always doing three four things at the same time . Was watering the garden + taking photos + rushing to my appointment = some Photoshop work needed.

Anyhow , this is my latest collection which you can find in Little Haven Boutique , The Curve. 03-77108419.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Garden Haven

I've caught the gardening bug!

On top of the godzillions things i need to do , i had to add a new hobby to my list. Was inspired by a home i visited a couple weeks back where the owner ( single dude ) was into everything natural and tropical and grew a lovely herb garden in front of his house.

So off i went to the Sg Buloh Green Lane stretch in search of plants that strike me fancy. But a little birdie told me that's not where the cheap stuff are . Apparently the stretch of road near the Sg Buloh hospital is even better , hosting many gardeners / nurseries selling garden plants , herbs and pretty much anything you can possibly grow in this climate.

I drove to the very end of the road, constantly keeping an eye out at the many choices offered on my right and left. At the very end of the road almost metres away from the electrical tower, there it was - a fantastic row of blooming blue hydrangeas just waving at the afternoon breeze soaking in the sun.

It was perfect!

So i hopped down , got me two pots and tonnes of gardening tips ( half of which i dont remember by the time i hop back in the car ) from the friendly lady owner. I was advised to water them 3 times a day if placed under the hot sun , once if under shade, fertilize and spray organic insecticide  once every 10 days. Got it.

Lets hope they're still alive by end of the month.